The French star earns a lot and is worth more. Deschamps praises him: “It’s a locomotive”. Macron begged him not to leave PSG, but now…

    by our correspondent Luca Bianchin

    November 28th
    – Doha (Qatar)

    Kylian Mbappé after the match with Denmark had himself photographed with Ivanka Trump, Donald’s daughter, and family. It is not excluded that, in the medium term, The Donald’s heirs will be the poorest in the picture. Kylian is already the cover man of the World Cup – Messi tried to organize an eclipse of Mbappé, but coming short – and at this rate he risks becoming bigger than the competition. In two rather mundane matches he scored three goals, became the top scorer, reached Pele in goals by the age of 24. Like in advertising, what else?