Status: 01.12.2022 00:03

    According to the French Football Association, it will lodge a timely protest against the 1-0 defeat in the last World Cup group game against Tunisia.

    The reason for this is the fact that referee Matt Conger gave the French equalizer in the eighth minute of injury time and the game ended. After the intervention of the video assistant, the goal was denied due to an offside position by shooter Antoine Griezmann. The game continued briefly and ended 1-0 for Tunisia.

    Underdogs Tunisia defeated holders France 1-0 but failed to progress as Australia defeated Denmark. France will go to the round of 16 as group winners.

    France coach Deschamps doubts decision

    The withdrawal of the hit is “wrongly” The French association announced on Wednesday evening (November 30, 2022). The protest is currently being worked out and must be received within 24 hours of the game. France coach Didier Deschamps had already questioned the legitimacy of the decision at the press conference after the game. “I don’t know all the rules”he had said: “But the referee blows his whistle, then VAR comes. I didn’t know that was allowed. Did you know that that was allowed?”

    France are group winners despite the defeat

    The decision would have no influence on progression and the further course of the tournament. France would remain group winners even if they lost 1-0, while Tunisia would also have been eliminated 1-1 if they lost.