Work at Centrum West: this is what it means for travelers

Emergency stairs, yellow signs and building materials: major renovations are underway at Centrum West. The work will last no less than a year: what are they doing there?

The municipality of Zoetermeer and HTM will renovate the Centrum West stop next year. The work started at the end of August and will last 12 months.

Time for innovation

Centrum West Station was built in the 1970s. The tram and bus station was renovated around 2005, at the same time as the last shopping area in the Stadshart (Spazio) and RandstadRail. Now it is time for maintenance of the station building and the stairs.

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Center West. Photo: in the Zoetermeer neighborhood

Transport company HTM is reinstalling the wooden ceiling under the bicycle bridge and the canopy. They also check the suspension points. The four stairs to the platforms are also being renovated. To do this, they remove the stairs in four phases: they are renovated and replaced.

  • Phase 1: Stairs on the side of the Rabobank
  • Phase 2: Stairs on the platform side of Voorweg
  • Phase 3: Stairs at bicycle shed
  • Phase 4: Stairs in the middle, on the side of the City Heart

Walk around

Each phase has a different diversion indicated with yellow signs. So take into account the extra time you need to get to the tram or bus. It’s a shame if it passes right in front of you.

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