Women’s blazer over 2024, how to match the maxi jacket

THEhe month of men’s fashion shows comes to an end in Paris. But the passion for his clothing reinterpreted in a feminine key remains where it is, that is, at the top of the approval ratings of the woman who prefers romantic dresses to wide and masculine silhouettes. The cornerstone of the unisex winter wardrobe? The oversized blazerswhich has been popular on the catwalks and in street style for a few seasons now.

The return of the

A must-have that rewrites its codes in Winter 2024, looking straight to the past. What is the model to focus on today, and how to match it to make it the absolute protagonist of the outfit?

Where we saw it

The key word to note is “boxy”. Yes, because today the jacket that is popular is characterized by Eighties-inspired maxi square shoulder pads: a garment for fashion giants, which is rediscovered every day. Finding it in a vintage way isn’t that difficult, perhaps in your grandparents’ wardrobe: also because, if only a few years ago it was the oversized black blazer that was very popular, today they are the wool models of yesteryearin shades of brown, to be very popular.

The oversized women’s blazer of the moment, boxy and loose, according to Remain FW23/24 (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

Just like the oversized women’s blazer spotted on the catwalk of Remain: the Nordic brand focuses everything on a large jacket with maxi lapels, contrasting buttons and side pockets, thick like a coat, square in shape, withretro look. A piece that we could consider as one of the simplest examples of the wardrobe eclectic grandpathe early 2024 trend that looks to look of our grandparents as maximum style inspiration.

How to match the oversized women’s blazer in Winter 2024

From the outfits of Oppenheimercandidate for Bafta 2024until the very end report of Pinterest, which decrees the growing popularity in searches on the platform for grandpa style (+60%), it is easy to understand why the jacket favored by our ancestors is inexorably returning to the spotlight. The way to wear it this winter? Always to “steal” from grandfather: one is enough striped shirt white and blue ample inspiration tomboy and straight brown corduroy trousers, which reflect the old colors of the blazer.

The look with the Remain FW23/24 women’s oversized blazer (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

A look to modernize the right way: suitable for the purpose, a couple of Texan boots trendy and a single earring with pearl, to make it youth wardrobe-proof. It is no coincidence that following the grandpa trends are above all the new generation of Gen Z and the more nostalgic boomers. But if the mixes can vary, the blazer is always the one that even our grandfather would approve of…