Lin war he does not have a woman’s faceis the title of a bookwhich is a milestone, by Ukrainian writer Svetlana Aleksievič, Nobel Prize for literature in 2015. “War does not have a woman’s face”, repeat Lucia Capuzzi and Alessandro Galassi, artistic directors of the Festival of the Mission, in Milan, from 29 to 2 October. “But perhaps peace has it.” The question is open, they say. And this is why there are so many beautiful “faces of peace” that they have invited to the Festival this year. “Women who have chosen to be. In their contexts, all different, they made their faces, their feet, their hands messages of peace ».

    Women against war, the guests of the Festival

    Now in its second edition, the Festival is an opportunity to meet, therefore, with over 100 guests, all with important stories. But in particular with many female figures symbolizing the struggle for peace and the affirmation of the rights of women and the individual, each at a different latitude. How Kindi Taila, who fled as a child from the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo thanks to the help of some Italian missionaries and became a gynecologist in our country. OR Nelly Leónthe first chaplain of the women’s prison in Santiago de Chile.

    Or Sister Gloria Cecilia Narvaezkidnapped by the jijadists in Mali and remained in their hands for four years, who tried to experience the kidnapping as a moment to meet the “bad guys” and talk to them.

    Or again Zakia Seddikiwhich continues, with the association Mama Sofia, the mission of her husband Luca Attanasio, the Italian ambassador killed in Congo. Or again, Ana Varela TafurAmazonian poet, grandson of slaves, who now teaches at the University of California and defends the Amazon with words.

    Between prison, mafias and inequalities

    Of course, the male parterre is no exception. Let’s mention Diego Cugia, alias Jack Folla, who will be on the opening day of the Festival, Thursday 29 September in liaison with Egyptian activist Patrick Zaki whose trial was again postponed to November 29 (last December he was released but now faces another five years in prison). In the same evening, the journalist and writer Mario Calabresi and Don Luigi Ciotti, who made the road his parish, fighting the mafias and inequalities, will talk in the meeting “Mission Frontier: memory and justice”.

    Other names to look for in the Festival calendar: Iagothe Ciociarian artist who he exhibited in New York and works in the suburbs of Naples with the boys. Bernard Kinvia Togolese missionary in Central Africa who saved 1,500 Muslims targeted by the Christian anti-Balaka militias. Adriano KaripunaBrazilian indigenous and activist for the Amazon. Dario Bossithat led the revolt of a poor community in Brazil affected by mining against the iron multinational Vale.

    The same artistic director of the festival, Alessandro Galassithen signs the documentary All brothers (trailer above): moving from Brazil to the Philippines, to Morocco, with his camera, he told the a reality in which “the scraps of our socio-economic model are amassed”, and the daily utopia of those who, like the missionaries, do not resign themselves and indeed continue to sow.

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    Milan in Festival

    The location chosen as the pole of the event is the Columns of San Lorenzo, a historic and characteristic place of the city, which has always been a meeting place for young people. But to the proposals of Fr.main program are flanked by those of the “Festival is also“: 4 affiliated museums, 27 bars and bistros for” missionary aperitifs “, meetings with the authors and presentation of 14 books, 5 film screenings, 11 churches open for artistic itineraries and guided tours, 4 shows, various workshops for children, children, young people and adults and five-a-side football tournaments.