Woman orders lobster for 200 euros in restaurant, then releases the animal

The woman ordered a live lobster for about 200 euros at a restaurant in Golfo Aranci, on the Mediterranean coast in northeastern Sardinia. But instead of having that animal cooked for use in a linguine dish, as the menu stated, she asked if she could release the lobster.

“At first I thought she was joking,” says co-owner Antonio Fasolino. “Only afterwards did I understand that she meant it and wanted to do a good deed.” However, the restaurant had no problem with the woman’s request, so the chef simply had to place the animal in a bucket, which was placed next to the woman’s table.

The woman then asked if the animal could survive a fall from a height. After the staff assured her that it was possible, she dropped the lobster into the sea from the restaurant terrace. With success, because the animal swam away, according to Fasolino. “Seeing her joy and enthusiasm touched me. She was happy to get her wish, and we were happy for her.”