Woman in Roermond killed by stalker who committed suicide | Inland

Police are still investigating what led up to the incident. For example, it is examined how long the man has been stalking the woman and whether she has reported it. A police spokesman could not say much about this on Thursday afternoon. “The investigation is still ongoing.” Although the possible suspect has died as a result of the shooting incident, the investigation is still being continued for the benefit of the relatives and to learn from it themselves, the police spokesman said. “We want to know what’s going on,” he said.

Social media posts show that the woman had felt threatened for some time by the man, who had been stalking her since she recently ended a relationship with him. In the weeks before her death, the woman told friends that she was afraid that the man would do something to her.

The police received a report on Wednesday evening around 6.30 pm that someone in a house at Kasteel Hillenraedtstraat in Roermond was said to be suicidal. When officers arrived, they heard gunshots inside the home and called for backup. Once inside, officers found the two bodies of the resident and the man. No one else was in the house. No one else was involved in the shooting, police said.

Terrible news

Mayor Rianne Donders-de Leest was shocked on Thursday by the “terrible news.” After the shooting on Wednesday, she spoke with emergency personnel at the home. In a statement issued on Thursday, she expressed her deepest sympathy for all relatives. “We understand that this also has an impact on local residents,” she writes. “We make an inventory with the partners in the neighborhood whether, and if so which, help is needed.”

The shooting in the house on the Donderberg caused a lot of reactions in the neighborhood and on social media. After the shooting, numerous local residents gathered around the police barriers on Wednesday evening. Some people cried. Officers received victim assistance at the police station after their deployment.