Woman files a complaint against AZ Groeninge and gynaecologist: “Sterilized without permission”

    Earlier, she also spoke to the ombudsman service of the hospital, which will objectively check her story.

    Aksil, from Passendale, gave birth to her third child at the beginning of November last year, her first with her current partner. It’s a planned birth. Before the caesarean section starts, the gynecologist asks whether they should also perform sterilization in one go. After the operation, the woman learns that her fallopian tubes have also been removed. Without clear permission.

    Aksil has a conversation with the ombudsman service of the hospital and also hires a lawyer. He is now filing a complaint against the hospital and the gynaecologist.

    The hospital does not respond in front of the camera, but the spokesperson emphasizes that the ombuds service is treating Aksil’s story objectively. The gynecologists’ association states that sterilization is only possible if the request and permission come from the patient.