Wolter Kroes walks on tiptoes: ‘Artist humor is no longer allowed’

Wolter Kroes is walking on his toes in 2023. He states that artist humor is no longer accepted by ordinary men and women. “It is no longer understood by the youth.”

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Life is hard for celebrities. Catherine Keyl says she has been fired from NPO Radio 1 because of her statements about the climate, René le Blanc states that the woke community no longer allows him to be called Chocoprince and now Wolter Kroes is also coming into play. He states that as a celebrity you are no longer allowed to make jokes.

Wolter remains silent

Wolter thinks that nowadays you have to be very careful about what you say. “It’s all changed, you have to pay more attention. For example, making certain comments, something that we artists still do with each other – because Wii love humor and making jokes – you will not do that easily with the audience anymore, no,” he says in Weekend.

What kind of jokes then? “Double-minded jokes. Humor as it is no longer understood by today’s youth. But it is what it is. You also have to adapt to the times.”

‘Pay attention!’

You’re not allowed to say anything these days, Wolter fumes. He also warns his children about this. “That they have to pay attention, but my children have already realized that. It’s all different from when we used to be at school. You can’t just make certain jokes anymore.”

He only does that at home. “At home, yes. But then I also see that my children get annoyed with me every now and then, haha! You know, they’re smart enough to pay attention, and they do. Absolute.”