The Austrian clothing retailer Wolford AG has appointed Doina Ciobanu as Brand Sustainability Advisor. The 28-year-old, who has made a name for herself as an influencer, model and environmental activist in recent years, will be “responsible for the further development and communication of the sustainability features of the brand” in her new role and will work directly with Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Silvia Azzali, the company announced on Thursday.

    Born in Moldova and now based in London, she is “a new breed of environmentalist who is boldly using social platforms to call attention to the positive, lasting changes the fashion industry needs to make,” explained Wolford. Because of her “direct approach and deep understanding of these fundamental issues,” Ciobanu was “the obvious choice” for the apparel supplier.

    “We are very pleased to welcome Doina to our team,” said Silvia Azzali in a statement. “As the first brand in the industry, we set out to create true sustainability in skinwear and we chose her because she is a powerful and unique influencer dominating social media at this challenging but important time. Working with her will convey our essential mission to consumers and take our achievements to a new level.”

    Ciobanu said in a statement that she was “very proud” of her appointment. “Few companies are as successful as Wolford when it comes to making sustainable innovations the focus of their activities,” she explained. “Wolford’s technological lead, particularly in relation to innovations in sustainable yarns, is something I’d like to build on. Using sustainable fabrics to create new product designs and raise consumer awareness is something close to my heart.”