Land adventures of Captain Elli Taleb and Father Clémentinterpreted respectively by Sabrina Ouazani and Mathieu Spinosithey continue Tonight at 21.45 on Channel 5 it airs there second installment of With Heaven’s help, French crime series investigating heinous murders committed under mysterious circumstances.

    With Heaven’s helpsecond episode previews

    The new episodeby title Closed Bibleis set among the peaks of Cévennesthe scene of a new case. The victim is Jonas, the leader of a scout camp, found dead with a syringe stuck in his arm. Again, the murder is somehow connected to religious contexts. The body, in fact, was found in a Protestant temple.

    Based on the first findings, the elements collected by the investigators suggest that it is not a classic overdose. They are inclined to think that one is in the presence of an actual murder, despite the staging of the syringe. Therefore, more in-depth investigations begin, which require one close collaboration between Captain Taleb and the new criminologist.

    As in any self-respecting series, the twist is quickly served, ça va sans dire. The new expert is an old acquaintance of the woman. It’s just about Clement Desmoulin. The world is really small, one might think, but the friar, in addition to following his own spiritual path, he also holds a degree in psychocriminology.

    Sabrina Ouazani and Mathieu Spinosi, protagonists of “With the help of heaven”. (Mediaset)

    Ellie and Clément become colleagues

    Over the years, in fact, he has combined his vocation with his passion for crimes. He has extended his novitiate and considers the experiences outside the monastery a way to prove, even more, his spiritual commitment. Ellie just has to start collaborating with her almost colleague Clément.

    Together they pursue the common goal of tracing the culprit, but the hunt for the perpetrator of the crime is not easy. Furthermore, the close proximity leads them to deal with nervousness, but also with their own feelings. In the promoClement finds a clue observing the way the Bible was closed. “A strange fact,” she suggests. And who knows what he is hiding behind that syringe in Jonas’ arm, but above all behind the sacred book.

    Meanwhile Clément continues to carry out his personal investigations to discover the identity of the parents who, about thirty years earlier, had abandoned him in the convent. In the end, Ellie he has to come to terms with his own feelings. Alex (David Baiot) has requested a transferdriven by the woman’s detached and unconvinced attitude, refractory to a stable relationship.

    The relationship between the captain and the friar

    Elli and Clément come from two different worlds and have two different ways of approaching life. He was enlightened by his vocation, she was hardened by life’s beatings. Two diametrically opposed points of view, which perhaps, during the episodes, lead to a meeting point.

    In the first episode, Elli wants to know something more about that young man who chose the path of religious life. In his eyes, a decision as crazy as it is incomprehensible. “How can you be 33 and give up the world? Doesn’t he feel like hanging out, seeing people?”he asks.

    For its part, Clément already has the answers he needs. He found them in sacred texts and in monastic life. The first season of With Heaven’s help develops in 6 episodes. It is still early, therefore, to understand which direction it will take and what will happen to the protagonists. Of course, on paper they seem compatible enough to build a relationship of friendship and trust. Or will there be room for a deeper feeling?