With such material, he has earned more than 30,000 euros in two days

The wrapper said in November that he would set up a Christmas calendar on Onlyfans.

The wrapper performed in Ruisrock in the summer. Roni Lehti

The Onlyfans account of singer Käärijä and his twin Häärijä is now open. The duo implements a Christmas calendar for December on an account called KHaarija. The account description promises unprecedented content every day.

Two posts, i.e. two hatches, have been published on the account by Saturday.

In the first hatch, the two bake peppers in little thongs and red Christmas dresses. In the video, Käärijä is wearing red thongs and Häärijä is wearing black thongs. The wrapper explains the situation in rally English. The cameraman walks behind the duo so that the buttocks get a lot of screen time.

On the second day of December, the duo published portraits with a Christmas tree on the account with the text “Santa’s little helpers”. The post consists of two shirtless pictures, as well as a picture where the Käärijä and Häärijä are in their underwear in a special position. Häärijä is on his container and Käärijä is crouching behind the man, as if slightly on top of him.

At noon on Saturday, the account had 884 followers. The price of the account is 40 dollars per month, so in two days, 35,360 dollars have been accumulated. In euros, the same is 32,479 euros according to the current exchange rate.

The wrapper came second in last spring’s Eurovision.

The wrapper recently performed in London for a large audience.