With discipline and a lot of energy: graduate lands job at Berkshire Hathaway

Getting a job at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is certainly something many graduates dream of. But the path to becoming a US asset manager is not trivial. Tracy Britt Cool did it, she wrote Buffett a letter.

By non-binding letter about the job at Warren Buffett

After Tracy Britt Cool graduated from the renowned Harvard Business School in 2009, she simply wrote a letter to Warren Buffett. After a meeting, according to the business and financial news channel CNBC, she got a job as a financial assistant.

She told the broadcaster that she had also written to other CEOs, for example from the investment banks Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns. However, it was never about getting a job, but rather about becoming more careful and attentive.

There are certainly other ways into the industry; not everyone has to write a letter to the CEOs of the world. But you can also network in other ways, such as through industry events, meetups and on LinkedIn, explains the online portal FasterCapital.

What helps: Stick with it and be able to deal with rejections

Of course, the young graduate not only received acceptances, she often even received no answers at all. In some cases there were rejections and in a few situations there were acceptances, she explains. However, many rejections no longer bother her. She tells CNBC that as a child she worked at the sales stand on her parents’ farm and was often confronted with a “no”.

The Münchner Merkur Zeitung also confirms this in an article on how to deal with rejections when looking for a job. You should cultivate a positive attitude because rejections are frustrating. It is best, experts advise, to remain objective and learn from experience.

Tracy Britt Cool: Fast rise and founding your own

The story of Tracy Britt Cool is a success story. She rose quickly, probably because she developed a reputation, CNBC explains, for developing quick solutions for struggling companies.

Of course, once you have arrived in your new position, it is helpful to strive for such a positive reputation. Of course, you should first make sure that you present yourself to the job market. An article on the Career Bible website explains things like career portals and job exchanges.

The career coach and best-selling author Martin Wehrle explains, as described in an article on welt.de, that today you can no longer expect to be automatically promoted after starting a new company. However, there are things you can do to increase your chances and build a reputation. Setting goals for yourself, but also planning deadlines for them, can be particularly helpful, the article adds. The possibilities are diverse, but strong communication skills and a broad network can certainly help.

Founding your own: Farewell to Berkshire Hathaway

She then founded her own investment firm Kanbrick in 2020. Kan, like Kansas, where she worked at her parents’ farm stand as a child, and Brick, because during her time at Berkshire Hathaway she learned how to build a business brick-by-brick.

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