Pauline CornelisseDecember 2, 202211:49

    Anatole France once wrote that irony is the last stage of disappointment. The German fans had not yet reached that stage. They were just ironically disappointed, and there was something beautiful about that. Nothing had been processed yet, but they had to reflect on their fate in front of the camera.

    It was striking that somewhere in Germany there must be an influential optician who has made all his spectacle-weary compatriots look like star architects with a penchant for uncompromising concrete structures. Combine such glasses with a curly wig in the colors of the German flag and you have the opening scene of a play that I would like to see.

    They expressed themselves in a serious, almost literary way: ‘Wir sind wirklich ganz, ganz bitter, böse, enttäuscht und traurig.’

    Because of this you might think that German is always verbose, but luckily there was another fan who kept it concise: ‘Es ist gut das es vorbei ist, der ganze Scheiß’.