Wine bars: the recommended ones to visit

The bar and restaurant Gran Bar Danzón They have been protagonists of Buenos Aires gastronomy and nightlife since 1998. It was a pioneer in serving a variety of wines by the glass and, in this way, being a school for many current references in cuisine, cocktails and sommeliers. Some of them are: Inés de los Santos, Tato Giovannoni, Aldo Graziani, Andrés Rosberg, Roberto Romano, Ricardo Medina and Ludovico De Biaggi.

This space was the one that started the trend of wine bars in the city of Buenos Aires, celebrating 25 years of existence. Luis Morandi and Patricia Scheuer have been the mentors of Gran Bar Danzón, accompanied by Ignacio Sac, as a sommelier already Nelson Amado, as bar manager. The imprint of the stronghold of the Recoleta neighborhood promoted other places with the same proposal.

Gran Bar Danzón – Libertad 1161, Recoleta

Great Danzon Bar

“Danzón aims to have a wide and enjoyable menu, available for all types of preferences. We offer tastings, tastings and events to educate and entertain everyone, promoting wine culture. We have a space to explore, enjoy and learn about wine in a fun and enjoyable way. There are several relevant criteria to consider when selecting wines for a historic, modern and thriving wine bar,” explains Ignacio Sac, sommelier responsible for the legendary bar in the Recoleta neighborhood.

“On Wednesday, October 18, we are going to celebrate the first 25 years of Gran Bar Danzón. It occurred to us to invite to play live Patán Vidal and the Funky Torinos, “It’s going to be a reunion with a great friend of the house who made music in Danzón for many years,” is how he tells it. Luis Morandi co-creator and alma mater of Gran Bar Danzón. And he summarizes the original spirit of the project: “The Gran Bar Danzón bar, with its 12 meters of cement illuminated with fiber optics, was born with the genuine idea of ​​rescuing the classic cocktail bar. Back in 1998 this tradition was quite lost in Buenos Aires, with the exception of some large hotels. “Danzón revalued classic cocktails and, at the same time, gave space to new techniques that would be trendy, such as homemade ingredients and infused alcohols in the same bar.”

“The dishes are one of the stars of the place, the mushroom risottos and the piece of lamb stand out from the extensive and varied menu. Of course, dessert is placed at an unmissable level: the menu offers a tasting of all the sweet pieces designed by the chef “The offer must be in balance with the gastronomic proposal. Wines should complement and enhance the flavors of the dishes offered. It is also valuable to consider selection in terms of continuity. “You must ensure that you have a selection that can satisfy the tastes of customers in the long term,” concludes the expert.

Diviiino, Wine Bar – Gurruchaga 1060, Palermo


“The idea was to make a wine list that represents new ways of making wine, without falling only into organic or natural wines. That is why we chose to show new strains that make known other types of producing regions, and that, in turn, have what we were looking for: rich and easy-to-drink wines,” detail those responsible for Diviiino, the wine bar located in Palermo.

Since its opening in 2021, the space offers a relaxed proposal, inviting the public not only to enjoy a warm interior, but also a beautiful alley-style patio, full of plants that recalls a French evening. A detail that makes it a bar to enjoy both night and day, always with the company of a drink.

On the wine list, wisely curated by the sommelier Francisco Navarro, You can see more than fifty labels, among which are sparkling wines, the classic reds and whites, and some more exotic ones such as rosés, organics, dynamic ones and orange trees, a wine trend that for some years has been intended to conquer. Buenos Aires palates.

In that sense, the wide and heterogeneous proposal covers tastes and sensations that claim the classic European wine bar, rejuvenated and modernized by the hand of its chef. Steve Rodriguez, who is in charge of the design of the dishes. The menu highlights white fish with spinach puree; the lentil, herb and fennel salad, the mussels with puree and pie potatoes and the Cuban pork sandwich with cheese, mustard and pickles.

Overo Bar – Nicaragua 4583, Palermo

Overo bar

“Overo proposes 100 percent Argentine wines, trying to cover all wine regions. Searching for the greatest amount of expression from each place, the search for emblematic varieties and different producers. The proposal has to do with spaces and care towards wine and comfort. Whoever can come feels like they are in the living room of their home, feels comfortable and finds a place of belonging. In fact, we have a members club, with the possibility of a weekly tasting and trying wines from different wineries, with guides and pairings,” he details. Ileana Osorio, sommelier responsible for the Overo bar menu.

Overo bar tastings are blind, without the labels being visible so that the tasting is not conditioned by any of the 400 brands that make up the site’s winery. The dynamic menu of the establishment includes everything from small regional producers to large wineries that represent the country abroad. “It is important to have that entire palette to be able to show it to a client who wants to experience the different flavors and landscapes of our country,” describes the specialist about the selection criteria.

A no less important fact is that the wine club in the Palermo neighborhood, in addition to the events and its exultant wine cellar, offers several spaces for recreation and leisure: an acoustically conditioned music room, a comfortable movie theater and a warm outdoor terrace. Free, exclusive for club members. Details that position the visitor to enjoy sensations, both in taste and in the mind.

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