Window cleaners are stuck at a height of 30 meters at TU Eindhoven

On Tuesday afternoon, two window cleaners got stuck at a height of 30 meters on the grounds of Eindhoven University of Technology. That happened when they were cleaning windows at the Faculty of Architecture. The two were trapped in their work cage for more than two hours.

Because it would take at least an hour before a technician could fix the technical defect and it was quite hot, it was decided to ask the fire brigade for help.

He came with a cherry picker to free the window cleaners from their plight. The colossus of the fire brigade reached just high enough. The window cleaners were first fitted with fall protection and were then able to transfer from the work cage to the bucket of the cherry picker.

The work cage remained suspended at a height of 30 metres. A mechanic will try to hoist it back into place.

The liberation action on the university campus attracted a lot of attention.