Windmill at Gasselternijveen to be demolished and rebuilt

One of the 45 wind turbines in the Drenthe Veenkoloniën will be demolished and rebuilt. It concerns a mill on the Dideldomweg in Gasselternijveen. The lower part of the tower is being replaced.

Spokesperson Elzo Springer of wind farm De Drentse Monden and Oostermoer is unable to explain why this is happening. “This is mainly due to builder Nordex, who is still in charge of the wind turbines as long as they are not completed.”

At the moment a high crane is being built and after that the work will start. “The part at the bottom, where the door is in, has to be replaced. So the entire windmill is dismantled and built up. This is quite a bit of work,” says Springer.

The duration of the work will depend on, among other things, the weather. “If there is no wind, it can be ready by the end of November. But if we have a lot of wind, it could just be January, if the holidays still come in between.”

The first mill at 1e Exloërmond was previously partly demolished and rebuilt. A tower damper was placed here at the time to counteract vibrations caused by the wind.

The completion of the wind farm has been delayed, partly because this windmill has to be rebuilt. It is not yet known when the park can be delivered to the management.