Wim Jonk is looking forward to the start of the Eredivisie: "Shoulders underneath, but also enjoy"

FC Volendam will kick off the new Eredivisie season this Sunday with an away game against FC Groningen. Trainer Wim Jonk is happy that after the preparation the ‘real work’ can now begin. “You play against wonderful teams. Groningen is one of them. The boys have been looking forward to this.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you play against Groningen or someone else. The competition will just start. We have made it to the Eredivisie and now it really starts,” Jonk says after the training. “Every team that is in the preparation wants it to start again. You want to play in a full stadium again.”

relegation football

It is expected that FC Volendam will fight against relegation this season. “It is important that you believe in it together. You can talk about relegation football, but you just have to say: we are going to surprise,” said Jonk with a positive attitude. “Of course we will occasionally run into a soap, but then it’s about how quickly you get up with each other.”

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At Thursday’s training, Jonk Welcome Carel Eiting. The midfielder is fit and can make his debut for Volendam on Sunday. Walid Ould-Chikh, Bilal Ould-Chikh, Dean James, Oskar Buur, Achraf Douiri, and Brian Plat trained separately from the group for various reasons. Koen Blommestijn said goodbye to the selection before the training. The attacker will play next season on a rental basis for Telstar.

FC Groningen against FC Volendam starts on Sunday at 12.15 pm.