Will we trade the NHL’s Finnish forward? New rumor

Anton Lundell’s name was mentioned in NHL transfer speculations.

Anton Lundell is the subject of trade rumors. PDO

Finnish striker by Anton Lundell the name came up in NHL transfer speculation.

Reporter of Canadian media Sportsnet Elliotte Friedman mentioned Lundell 32 Thoughts in the name on the podcast. The skein is connected by a Calgary Flames defender to Noah Hanifinwhich several teams are interested in.

Of course, Calgary won’t give up their defenseman, who scored 30 points this season, without a decent trade. Friedman mentioned that Lundell’s club, the Florida Panthers, has several young players who would also be suitable for other teams.

– Boston and Florida don’t have many reserve positions to trade, but they have young players. Lundell has been thrown into some debates this year. I don’t know if Florida wants to do that. They could if they wanted to, Friedman says.

Lundell, 22, is in his third year with the Panthers. He has hit 7+16 in 51 matches this season.

The NHL transfer window closes in just over two weeks.

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