Will Smith’s Secret to a Successful Career: The Social Environment

A good social environment is important. Friends, acquaintances and relatives who support each other can make all the difference, including in your career. Actor Will Smith recently explained how important the people you surround yourself with every day are.

Raise your own bar: friends and family increase performance

On Kevin Hart’s show “Peacock”, Hollywood star Will Smith described how important his personal environment is for his success. The actor specifically referred to James Lassiter, who is Smith’s manager. He is said to have advised him on some major roles in the past that he would otherwise have rejected.

According to the business magazine Forbes, it is helpful in life to surround yourself with people who can offer support. Specifically, the Forbes article talks about friends and mentors who not only listen, but also motivate you to take the next step.

The right influence, according to the Forbes article, helps to continually raise the bar that many people set for themselves. It’s often of little use if you’re constantly the smartest person in the room. You need teachers, mentors, family and friends to help you get better.

Career coach recommends: Everyone should have these five people in their inner circle

Career coach Lisa Skeete Tatum has also recognized the importance of the people you often surround yourself with. She told the American business and financial news channel CNBC that she would not be where she is today if those around her had not believed in her and helped her. She described this close personal environment as a “personal board of directors” to which everyone contributes their expertise.

Tatum explained that it is important to have a sponsor – that’s what the career consultant calls those people who promote someone else’s qualities and put in a good word for the person. Such a sponsor, Tatum added, increases earning and career opportunities by around 22 to 30 percent.

A connector also benefits the personal environment, i.e. someone who knows a few people and can therefore help with their contacts. In addition, what Tatum calls a personal search engine is good. What is meant here is a person who is so knowledgeable in a certain area that they can answer very in-depth questions.

In addition, according to the expert, a close friend is also very important. Someone with whom you can be honest about all aspects of your life and with whom you can sometimes talk about annoying and sad experiences. She added that maintaining contacts with the right people is essential for your personal path to success.

It doesn’t work without the environment – friends and acquaintances make it possible

Will Smith also emphasized the importance of his closest circle of friends and acquaintances. The actor explained that he knew that it was his discipline and the right direction that mattered, but he couldn’t have done it without those around him.

As an article in Zeit magazine explains, exchanging ideas with people from the same industry is particularly good. Because only they would know what the different ups and downs of a job feel like. For example, friendships at work could help you deal with negative experiences with other colleagues and superiors. Work colleagues who become friends could provide support in such situations. A strong and healthy social network can help you deal better with stressful situations and overcome challenges together.

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