Will Romy (20) be Miss World Netherlands 2023?

Twenty-year-old Romy Nelemans from Purmerend has a big goal in mind: she wants to represent the Netherlands during the Miss World Elections in 2023. She is already one step closer to her dream, because she is now one of the last twenty of the more than one hundred registrations. This contest is not only about looks, you also have to stand for something. Romy is committed to a vegan society.

Romy Nelemans – NH News

It is a girl’s dream for Romy to represent our country as a princess, but that is not the only thing that counts. “I want to show people that the Miss World Elections are for everyone. Big, small, fat, thin, everyone can sign up and is invited to the casting day.” Romy herself does not necessarily have the height of an average model, she is 1.70 meters. “On Instagram I really try to show that I’m not perfect. I also have a pimple and a wrinkle.”

“You can see that it is all taking a step backwards with nature and animal welfare, I really think that’s bad.”

Romy Nelemans – Semifinalist Miss World Netherlands 2023

The Miss World pageant is not just about looks. The models are also asked what they stand for. “I support veganism, I’m a vegetarian myself, but I use a lot of vegan products, especially when it comes to make-up.”

Romy is concerned about the climate problems. “You can see that it is all taking a step backwards with nature and animal welfare, I really think that’s a shame. I hope to draw attention to it in this way and to be able to help a little.” Animal suffering is especially dear to the heart of the Purmerend. “I’m really an animal lover.”

Romy has a second goal in mind. “I want to apply for a job at the 112 center. If something has happened, people call me and I can help them, I think that would be a great thing to do.” The year has passed for her if she is in the final of the Miss contest, has a job at the 112 center and has found a house to live with her boyfriend. It is not yet known when the final will take place.

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