Will protected oak Hollandscheveld get a stay of execution? Hoogeveen discussing alternatives

Will it stay standing or will it fall flat? The protected pedunculate oak in Hollandscheveld, which may have to make way for an electricity station, is causing quite a stir. The tree is even in the news nationally. And that gets the Hoogeveen council thinking. The municipality has announced that it still wants to find out whether there is an alternative to the hood.

The council does this to let them know that they hear the sounds from outside. “We have not taken the decision to cut down the tree lightly. Nevertheless, we want to look again at alternative options, together with those involved and experts. We can take the time for this because we don’t cut down during the breeding season anyway,” says alderman Jan Zwiers know.

Hoogeveen will hold talks with network operator Rendo, a tree expert from the IVN and the climate mayor. A petition has also recently been started to save the tree and the initiators have also been invited.

The oak, which is located on the Riegmeer business park, is regularly in the news. Tennet and Rendo want to build an electricity station on the site of the tree. This is necessary if new companies want to establish themselves on the site, or for the connection of solar panels, says the municipality.

But many people don’t like that plan and want the tree to stay. In recent weeks, the resistance has grown enormously. Various political parties asked questions about it and various actions were initiated. ‘Why exactly in that place?’, many people involved wonder.

It is the only location suitable for large cable ducts, says the municipality. A location somewhere else on the business park is not an option, Hoogeveen thinks, so the tree has to give way.

So that message is not taken lightly. The municipality has now received the felling permit, people can object within six weeks. Five reports have now been received. The petition has already been signed thousands of times online. Discussions with all parties involved will follow soon. “We sincerely hope that we find a solution that is satisfactory for everyone,” said Zwiers.