Will Patrick Mahomes win? Super Bowl 2023 Kansas City Chiefs–Philadelphia Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will meet in the Super Bowl on the night between Sunday and Monday at 1:30 Finnish time. Superstar Patrick Mahomes’ fitness is the deciding factor.

– They are quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and then others. Mahomes, American football podcaster and Tampere Saints lineman, didn’t get a half billion contract out of nowhere Ville Terenius seal.

Mahomes is the number one star in the sport. The player who won the Super Bowl in February 2020 picked up the NFL’s most valuable player award for the second time in his career on Thursday.

The value of a quarterback is measured in money, in addition to sports performance: in July 2020, Mahomes signed a ten-year contract worth as much as 500 million dollars with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are now in the top four for the fifth consecutive time led by Mahomes. In the last four years, this is the third time in the Super Bowl.

A valuable ankle

Superstar Patrick Mahomes, 27, is looking for the second Super Bowl victory of his career. ZUMAwire/MVphotos

Chiefs fans freaked out in their playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mahomes sprained his ankle, and the 27-year-old superstar had to leave the game for a while.

In the next round, Mahomes played the entire game against the Cincinnati Bengals with his ankle taped. Going to the Super Bowl, he has had two weeks of rest.

– If Mahomes’ mobility is even worse, it will help Philadelphia’s work, because it (the Eagles’ defense) can get to the quarterback very quickly, podcaster and head coach of the Finnish men’s national team Mikko Koikkalainen says Iltalehte.

Terenius and Koikkalainen, who make the Green Zone podcast together, mention the Eagles’ defensive line I challenge Reddick and By Josh Sweat. Led by these men, the Eagles are trying to break the Chicago Bears’ 1985 single-season sack record.

Mahomes will be in a hurry if the Chiefs offensive line leaks and these guys get on.


Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is known for his willingness to run with the ball. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

The teams were ranked first in their conferences after the regular season, so the best teams made it to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles quarterback is a breakthrough 24-year-old Jalen Hurts. Hurts, who has running power, throws the ball, among other things For Devonta Smith and from Tennessee to the one acquired for this season For AJ Brown.

– Brown has really influenced Hurts’ season. He is difficult to defend in one-on-one and is good in the middle of the field. Hurts was statistically worse than average when he threw it, says Koikkalainen.

According to Terenius, the Chiefs have an advantage when comparing Mahomes and Hurts. The Chiefs are the most experienced of the coaches Andy Reid is a trump card, though Nick Sirianni has given strong performances.

– However, the sport lives precisely through the head coach and the quarterback, says Terenius.

Koikkalainen and Terenius anticipate an even match. Koikkailainen predicts the Chiefs will win thanks to Mahomes, Terenius will win the Eagles’ championship by less than one touchdown.