Like Heleen van Royen, Wilfred Genee thinks that Eva Jinek gets paid a lot for her PR stunt with the Kruidvat. “Is she getting money for that? I think so,” said the VI star.

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    The Kruidvat has not been in the news that often in ages. Eva Jinek is looking for a lot of attention with all kinds of strange fantasies she has about working at the drugstore chain and she paid extensive attention to this last weekend in her newsletter and on her social media. She even poses in the characteristic company clothing.

    Side-job Eva

    Celebrities who promote products on social media must explicitly state this, but Eva does not. Yet one wonders whether the presenter is not secretly enriching herself. In any case, writer Heleen van Royen thinks so.

    Eva’s PR stunt was also covered yesterday in Today Inside. Wilfred Genee: “People are having a really hard time. I even see Eva Jinek doing extra jobs at the Kruidvat. What is all this?”

    Small amount

    Angela de Jong wonders if this is for a TV program. “I have no idea. I saw it and then I thought: gee, that’s special? Would she also make a kind of Chantal Will Work?”

    Johan Derksen: “I think that the Kruidvat has transferred a small amount.”

    René van der Gijp: “This was her after all guilty pleasure?”

    Wilfred: “Yes, that was said, but do you think that…”

    René: “Yes, but you’re not going… I don’t assume she gets any money for that, do I?”

    Wilfred then indicates that he suspects that Eva is filling her pockets: “I think so.”

    Surreptitious advertising

    Johan convinced: “Yes, of course she gets money for that.”

    René: “No, dude. Then you have to say: ‘I got money for it’, but then you don’t talk about it being your guilty pleasure.”

    Angela: “I also don’t understand why on Friday afternoon, when she has a live broadcast in the evening, she sits down at the Kruidvat for a few hours. There must be something behind that, but I think more like a kind of Videoland series. That she will work or something at different companies, or do an internship.”

    Johan: “That’s a wonderful form of surreptitious advertising, isn’t it?”

    Wilfred: “It is remarkable.”

    Eve denies

    The dreaded Yvonne Coldeweijer understands nothing of it. “Has any of the press already inquired about this with Kruidvat? Very special post from Eva Id. If she has been paid, she should make this known in her post.”

    De Telegraaf has checked with Eva’s management. Reporter Jordi Versteegden: “I spoke to Eva’s management. They say, ‘No, this is definitely not a campaign. It’s really a fantasy of hers. The rumors are wrong.’”

    Yet Jordi also has doubts. “This is very striking. It naturally raises questions and she should perhaps have answered them immediately. She doesn’t get any money for this, she says.