«CWhat language must we use to make you act? The only reason you aren’t doing anything is that you don’t have the information, because if you had the correct information, it would be impossible not to take action. We need leaders to stop lying».

    Sophia Kianni, the new Greta?

    She doesn’t lack dialectics and neither does she have a fighting spirit. And so, if Greta Thunberg decided not to go to COP27 in Sharm El Sheik considering it only a greenwashing operation, there was no shortage of people on stage who had something to say to world leaders.

    Sophia Kianni is a 20-year-old American environmental activist with Iranian roots. Former coordinator of Fridays For Future (Greta’s movement), was named “climate advisorby United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

    Sophia Kianni is today among the young “climate advisors” to the UN secretary general

    From star-blazing pollution to activism

    Studied climate science and public policy at Stanford University and founded a non-profit, Climate Cardinalsmade up of 8,000 volunteers in over 40 countries who translate climate information into over 100 languages.

    Passionate and determined, Sophia Kianni begins to worry about the environment during a vacation in Iran when, looking up at the Iranian night sky, he realizes that the stars are invisible due to pollution. IS at that precise moment he understands that he has to do something.

    Climate protests

    During high school in the United States, the period of protests begins for Sofia Kianni. She enters Fridays for Future and organizes the 2019 Black Friday climate strike. So, it becomes National Strategist for the Movement. In February 2020 she was appointed spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

    He has given speeches at several universitiesincluding Columbia University, UC Berkeley, Emory University and Harvard University ei his articles have been presented on Forbes, CNN, Business Insider, BBC, The Guardian, NBC and The Washington Post.

    He organized one Global Youth Consultation and published a United Nations report with 6 key demands for world leaders. Let’s say that the curriculum to lead the fight against climate change is not lacking.