Wilfred Genee is not impressed by Renze Klamer’s talk show. He saw a small piece and then immediately came to the conclusion that it is mainly more of the same.

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    One thing is clear: Renze Klamer is not a favorite of the men from Today Inside. He has been mercilessly flared in that talk show. “He can’t do anything at all!” said regular guest Özcan Akyol there. And Johan Derksen announced this week that he thinks the brand new talk show host of RTL 4 is very well made.

    Wilfred about Renze

    How does Wilfred Genee feel about it? With Today Inside, he presents the most watched talk show in the Netherlands and therefore has a view on it. “I haven’t seen it once. Really haven’t seen it once. Once I was in a conversation with the women’s hockey from the World Cup, I fell into that for ten minutes, and then I was happy that I was on vacation.”

    Then he bursts out laughing for the camera of The Telegraph. “No no no. I think Renze is a very nice guy. I haven’t been able to rate the program yet, so I don’t know.”

    More of the same

    But what did Wilfred think of those ten minutes he did see? “I notice in myself that when I’m zapping for a while, I think: yes, not now, you know. It’s reasonable the way all talk shows are always made.”

    So more of the same. “You have a format with a kind of last on which everything is based. They all look very similar. We will talk for eight minutes about the nitrogen problem, then twelve minutes about the gas problem in Groningen, the farmers pass by and then it is ready again. I try to prevent that with our program.”


    Wilfred likes to be distinctive. “I think we’re different and that’s important to me at a time like this. That’s what I think of Arjen Lubach, by the way. It is also different.”

    It will soon be over with all those talk shows of interchangeable types, Wilfred thinks. “It seems to be suddenly very hot that you all have to make live TV and talk a lot with each other. That will be ready in a year or two, or perhaps sooner.”


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