Wild boar attacks: Zehlendorfer dog owners in concern

Monika U. (40) with Chili (2):

Monika U. (40) with Chili (2): “When it’s dark, I don’t walk this way. My dog ​​stays on a leash, on the Teltow Canal he can go without. You have to assess how the dog ticks. Mine is a herding dog and always stays with me. That’s why I’m more relaxed than others.” Photo: Ralf Gunther

By Sara Orlos Fernandes

Where is Kira? The miniature wire-haired dachshund lady has disappeared since a wild boar attack on June 2nd. The dog owners from the area tell BZ of daily encounters with the wild animals.

The gravel path next to the day care center on Breitensteinweg in Zehlendorf is a popular route for dog owners. They go for a walk here with their four-legged friend every day. Many people know that 18 wild boars live in the bushes next door. “I see the wild boar every day. The dog must remain leashed here. We have breeding and settling times,” says dog trainer Chrissy H. (50).

Marion T. (67) with Liza:

Marion T. (67) with Liza: “There hasn’t been anyone here who hasn’t fled. I always have a queasy feeling here. My dog ​​has been nose to nose with a wild boar before. They are not impressed by the barking. There are people who feed the wild animals. I think that’s bad. They shouldn’t be socialized under any circumstances.” Photo: Ralf Gunther

Since the disappearance of the dachshund lady Kira, many have been walking along here with a queasy feeling. Some even avoid the route. The probability of encountering wild animals is high.

Rose Ahlheim (79) with dog Clio (3):

Rose Ahlheim (79) with dog Clio (3): “I’ve met the wild boar before. My dog ​​barked loudly asking her to play. The pigs just looked. I’ve always been careful and call him back if he wants to go into the bushes” Photo: Ralf Gunther

“In Grunewald, there are these scenes every day,” says Derk Ehlert (54) from the Environmental Senate Administration. Basically, wild boars always try to avoid danger.

What happened to Kira?

On June 2nd, Kira came across wild boars in a bush in Zehlendorf.  Since then there has been no trace of the dachshund lady.

On June 2nd, Kira came across wild boars in a bush in Zehlendorf. Since then there has been no trace of the dachshund lady. Photo: Private

His guess: Kira smelled the wild boar and is after the animals. They fought back and ran away. “Wire-haired dachshunds are scavenger dogs. It may be that they follow the animals over longer distances,” says the expert.

It can be ruled out that the wild boar ate the dog.

Dog owners are advised to keep their dogs on a leash. If they do come together, you should never intervene, but call the animal to you.


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