Amimour’s widow is Kahina El H. She was born in January 1997 and moved to Syria in 2014, about two months after the attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’. There she married Samy Amimour shortly after her arrival. He was one of the protagonists of the November 13 attacks in Paris. In late 2014, Kahina El H. sent a video to her husband’s sister threatening to come to France and “slaughter infidels”. She was also featured in a video with a Kalashnikov. One of her friends who no longer wore a veil also received death threats. After the attacks of November 13, she wrote “having incited her husband to action and being proud of him”.

    Like Belgium, France is repatriating compatriots from Syria, who have been detained there since the fall of the caliphate in 2019. At the beginning of July, 16 mothers and 35 minors were repatriated to France. One of them was the well-known jihadist Emilie König. It is now known that Amimour’s widow was also part of the group of repatriates.

    Also on Wednesday, the European Court of Human Rights condemned France for failing to properly examine requests for repatriation of families of Syrian jihadists. According to the court, sufficient guarantees against arbitrariness could not be given and the requests must therefore be re-examined as soon as possible. The case before the European court was brought by the parents of two young French women who are detained in camps in Syria with their children.

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