Why the Netherlands is an attractive location for founders

Successful Dutch startups

The Netherlands is among the leading countries in Europe driving innovation. This is the result of a study by the European Commission. Numerous successful startups from neighboring Germany support this assessment. For example, the travel platform Booking and the payment processor Adyen were founded in the Netherlands and are now among the most valuable and well-known startups in the world.

Less bureaucracy and tax advantages

It is no surprise that the Netherlands can look back on a remarkable start-up scene in their own country. As Business Insider reports, the Netherlands owes its attractiveness for company founders to various location factors that cannot be found in other European countries. The start-up process is described as fast and digital and founders can benefit from tax advantages. Unlike in Germany, for example, there is no trade tax in the Netherlands.

Founder appreciates open society

In addition to financial and administrative advantages, the Netherlands also offers locational advantages over neighboring Germany in the area of ​​soft factors. The founder of the startup Cloudopex, Shane Samuel Yankam, tells Business Insider about a good start-up culture, which makes it easier to find investors. He also reports on his experiences, according to which Dutch society is generally more open and tolerant than German society. This applies in particular to the attitude towards founders with a migration background.

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