Why it’s better to go to the dentist in the afternoon

If you are afraid of pain during dental treatment, it is best to schedule your appointments in the afternoon Photo: picture alliance/dpa/dpa-tmn

From BZ/dpa

The fear of drilling and the syringe keep some patients from going to the dentist. The time of day is decisive for how much you perceive pain.

Almost half of all Germans do not go to the dentist regularly for check-ups. The six-monthly appointment is necessary to avoid diseases such as caries and periodontitis. Fear of pain is often the key to postponing appointments.

Dentist Jochen H. Schmidt’s advice is: come in the afternoon.

Because at this time of day, patients feel less pain caused by injections and drilling, explains the dental director of Carree Dental in Cologne.

According to Schmidt, the fact that the best time for the dentist’s chair is in the afternoon is due to the pain-relieving endorphins and opiods that the brain produces at this time of the day. Painkillers then work a little better and, above all, longer.


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