Why didn’t Jackson Muleka leave Beşiktaş? His old teacher explained!

When asked how Aboubakar’s return to the team in Beşiktaş would affect Muleka, Uğurlu said, “When he stayed behind Weghorst, Muleka experienced this. He played on the wings from time to time. Aboubakar’s arrival and Cenk Tosun’s presence pushed him to become an alternative player. “I don’t expect a different picture in the second half of the league. If he starts playing continuously and continuously, he can catch the identity of the previous season. He has the potential. Muleka is a strong and lively player. His goal kicks are very effective. But we don’t see much of Muleka in the penalty area. In my opinion. He should play closer to the goal. He will be more effective by using his physical power. But first he has to find that time.”

Explaining how he got more efficiency from Muleka while playing for Kasımpaşa, Sami Uğurlu said, “Aboubakar and Cenk Tosun are in front of Muleka right now. Either he will play at number 9 or he will be an alternative player. Şenol Güneş decides this. Umut in Kasımpaşa I didn’t play him when Bozok was the top scorer and I played Muleka. You need to know what you can get from Muleka. When you trust him, Muleka will give him his due. When you make him feel that he is the first striker, he will definitely pay off. If he is an alternative player, it is not very possible to win him. Big clubs should have at least 3 strikers. There is a similar situation in Galatasaray. Although he scores goals, Gomis is waiting right now. If Icardi exists, he plays. That’s why they didn’t want to send Muleka. The reason he was adopted in Kasımpaşa was because he was loved. Cheerful and hardworking “He was a player. He didn’t even miss practice. He didn’t even miss any part of practice.”