Whoops! Baseball’s famous championship trophy immediately fell apart – “No weld”

The women’s super pes championship trophy was broken.

The Pesäkarhut of Pori are celebrating the Finnish championship. Elmeri Elo / All Over Press

Pori’s Pesäkarhut won the women’s super pesi championship in Tampere on Saturday.

In the fifth final match, Päsäkarhut defeated Manse PP 2–1s (2–0, 0–5, 2–1) and won the entire match series 3–2.

The Finnish championship was the third in Pesäkarhuje’s club history. The previous championship had come in 2021.

The players have celebrated the championship wildly. So wildly that the championship trophy Silmu has broken.

Finished his career in the last final match Emilia Eastern Light posted on personal In the stories section of his Instagram account pictures of the trophy.

In the pictures, the lower part of the Silmu trophy remains. The top has come off.

– RIP Silmu, it read in connection with the picture.

The trophy quickly got a new top. Eastern light can be seen in the published picturethat an object that looks like a bird has been placed at the top.

Päsäkarhu players also drank from the trophy.

Users of the messaging service X take note of the trophy’s disintegration.

– Well, let’s go back to the planning table and try again next summer, one user wrote.

– No weld, Did that brand new vertical break right away. Hopefully the official championship photos had already been taken, another user stated.

Designed by Silmun Heini Aho. It was chosen as the championship trophy by the women’s Superpesis players earlier this summer.

The trophy sparked discussion and divided opinions in baseball circles. Many thought it looked ugly.

Emilia Itävalo ended her career with a championship. Elmeri Elo / All Over Press