The police are looking for the man who set fire to car company Millbrooks in Nuland last August. The damage was enormous, several cars burned out. The Extinction Rebellion logo was spray painted on one of the cars. Images of the perpetrator were broadcast on Monday in the Bureau Brabant investigation program.

    The fire broke out in the early morning of Monday, August 15. Images show that around half past four a man with two jerry cans is walking around the site of the company. At the entrance, he then gets to work with the flammable liquids from the jerry cans.

    It is striking, according to the police, that the man remains very calm and does not walk in a hurry. He crosses the outside area at a slow pace, open and naked. The police suspect that he then walks to one of the cars with a spray can to spray the Extinction Rebellion logo on it. After the man has finished with the jerry cans, he starts to hurry and quickly walks away.

    Climate group logo
    Climate group Extinction Rebellion announced that same morning that it had nothing to do with the fire. “We sympathize with the entrepreneur who has happened to this and hope that those responsible will be found soon. This is not our way of campaigning,” a spokesman said at the time.

    The damage to the car company was enormous. The fire brigade had to turn out en masse. Dozens of cars and the facade of the building were damaged. People who recognize the perpetrator or know more are asked to come forward.