Who is the “Big Cousin”, the mysterious voice that influences the eliminations of Big Brother

A few days ago, at the house of the reality show Big Brother (Telefe) started talking about “Big Cousin”a supposed second voice, apart from that of the main announcer (the actor Rodolfo Waltz), which would influence the decision on which participant who is on the plate – that is, nominated to leave – ends up being eliminated.

But the mysterious “character” was not only pointed out by the participants as a possible cause of the events of the show, but also by the fans of the program on social networks, who came to say that the Great Cousin is the one who scripted the reality show. The accusations began with force after the participant Romina Uhrigwill change their vote during the day on Thursday, causing Daniela Celis was finally removed.

The former deputy, who ended up saving Juliet Poggio, stated that she was “undecided”, since she believed that she had made the decision of her vote after the leadership test last Tuesday, however she declared that “something happened” and “she saw it differently”. Immediately after, she recounted that they had talked with “Great Cousin”, which “fills your head and makes you confuse.” The statement sparked controversy in the show’s audience who claimed that he himself was fixed.

Precisely, one of the voices that most denounced the alleged fraud was Daniela’s sister, Mara Celis. who through her networks launched a forceful opinion: “All settled, I hate you all”. Although she later clarified that she put the message “hot”, she stated that she was still “hot” for what had happened and that she was “never going to watch” the reality show again. “While I have lived and heard a lot of things that led me to say what I did, today I have to swallow them so as not to harm Dani (…) “It doesn’t matter to expose her, and even less because of me, I don’t want to harm her” (…) “I send a kiss to all those who sent me messages and to those who fence me too”, he stated through his Instagram account.

Maria Celis

Faced with the controversy, the driver of Big Brother, Santiago del Moro He should have gone out to make some clarifications. “The Great Cousin is the psychologist. They call him to the confessional and talk to him all the time. She clings to it, each one plays the card she wants ”. Del Moro’s statement was backed by Alphathe recently eliminated controversial participant, who clarified that there are two professionals who are available to speak with the participants.

Of the two psychologists, only the name of one is known, Juan Rodriguez Mentasti. He is a renowned mental health professional who has been part of the reality show for several editions, and although he maintains a low profile, he made exclusive statements to La Nación 2016, where he said that although the psychologist modality does not exist in the editions Of all the countries, “it is important that the boys have that figure, that moment in which they are not filmed; otherwise the fantasy of being seen all the time is maddening.”

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