Who is Clara Muzzio, the vice chosen by Jorge Macri

“I am very happy about the announcement. So much with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta as with Jorge Macri we were talking I got the news on Monday, I was right with my baby. For me it is an honor and a great responsibility, and I am flattered to receive this distinction”, expressed the current Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat of CABA, Clara Muzziowho now accompanies the former mayor of Vicente López, and winner of the JXC internship in the City, in the pairing that will fight to retain that PRO stronghold in the October generals.

“The conversation with Jorge had to do with the fact that I have been representing 16 years of management in the government of the City of Buenos Aires. I started at a very young age in the government of Mauricio Macri being an intern, and I was doing the whole degree. And then with Horacio, who believed in me to be a secretary and then a minister. And mainly Jorge (Macri) rescued my history and my vocation of serviceand being someone who is original to the PRO”, added Muzzio about the reasons that tipped the scales in his favor in a list where women prevailed.

the names of Soledad Acuna, Minister of education; as well as that of Carmen PolledoSecretary for Gender Equality and Institutional Affairs; Gladys Gonzalez, national senator of the PRO for the province of Buenos Aires aligned with Larretismo (this year her term in the Lower House is coming to an end); but she was in too Waldo Wolfwho could now join as minister in the event of a victory.

“My focus today continues to be public space, but as this progresses, and if the neighbors choose us, I will have to take this role that is more legislative and comprehensive, but we want to continue thinking together to see how we solve the problems of the present, but also preparing the city for the future. Continue guaranteeing greater autonomy in the city, with urban transformation projects such as the Miter viaduct. There are a lot of projects that fill me with enthusiasm, to strengthen each neighborhood”, points out Muzzio, who became a mother for the third time in 2022.

“It is complex play the role of mother with all this, but you can. I believe that all women who are mothers, who have a vocation, who want to develop, can do it. Of course, support is needed, colleagues and co-workers who understand these needs. Once the role of minister or the one that one undertakes is removed, it is to come home and do homework with the children. In my case, I have two daughtersone of ten and another of eight years, and a one year old baby who has down syndrome. And I carry it with a lot of love, I am very optimistic, but there is also a moment when one can feel pain, but that does not mean that one is less functional or less operational. One learns to live in joy and continue doing what one is passionate about. I have an enormous vocation for service and I want to continue developing that, beyond the circumstances that one has to live”, the minister confided in a radio interview with Delta 90.3.

“My youngest son is called Benjamin. I found out about his condition during the ninth week of pregnancy, when I took a genetic test where different issues are studied and it came out that he had down syndrome. With his father, Jorge, we decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and we are happy. It is a great challenge in this life and it gives me the strength to get ahead.taking a flag that I had not explored, so they will meet me in the city fighting to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities”, recounted the candidate for deputy head of government.

“I have a very large family support network and at work we work as a team, where we put everything in every day. Public space work is 24/7, either with the bus stop, with the street, with the light. We are there day and night, every day. And it is a great responsibility, if the neighbors elect us, to take on this new role in the government, ”he pointed out.

“In political terms, today we have a big challenge, which is to make Patricia Bullrich continue to add the largest number of votes in our internal and continue to achieve the consolidation of votes from Together for Change. All this so that Patricia reaches the Presidency of the Nation, and in the City of Buenos Aires to continue ratifying the choice we made, because never before Together for Change got so many votes in the cityis a reaffirmation and a belief that we have been doing things well”, concluded Muzzio.

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