Who are the figures of Kirchnerism convicted of corruption

Justice sentenced the acting vice president, Cristina Kirchner, to 6 years in prison, perpetual disqualification from holding public office for considering her the author responsible for fraudulent administration. The vice president was sentenced under the charge of fraudulent administration of Public Works during her terms as president (2007 to 2015), events that became known as the “Cause Road”.

Before the sentence, Cristina had said that it “was written” and launched harsh words against the Court that had to rule on her sentence. “When I spoke of ‘lawfare,’ I was very generous if I said that this was the lawfare court, after all that I have lived through this court is a firing squad,” she declared. And in addition to Cristina, there are already 12 Kirchner officials

Another of the officials on the list of those convicted is Sergio Urribarri, Argentine ambassador to Israel and former governor of Between rivers. Uribarri was sentenced on charges of embezzlement (a crime committed by a public official when he takes for himself funds that he must guard due to his position) and negotiations incompatible with the public administration.

So far, the highest-ranking official to be convicted was former Vice President Beloved Boudouwhom the Justice found guilty of having taken over the printing press Calcographic Ciccone through front men and having used his position to secure contracts with the State. The former vice president is now on probation, but was disqualified for life from holding public office.

The second in hierarchy on the list of sentenced was the former Minister of Planning Julio De Vidowho was acquitted in the Cause Road. De Vido was Minister of Federal Planning of the government of Nestor Kircher, and also of the two governments of Cristina. He was convicted of buying trains in disrepair from Portugal Y Spain and at the same time waits for Justice to rule on the sentence of more than five years for the tragedy of Once and for the cause of Turbio River Carboniferous Deposits.

Former Minister of Economy Felisa Miceli She was sentenced to three years in prison for aggravated concealment, after 100,000 pesos and 31,000 dollars were discovered in her office bathroom during a fire search. And she also integrates the list the former head of AFIP, Ricardo Echegaraywho was sentenced to almost five years in prison for defrauding the State in the case Oil Fuels.

Richard James, former Secretary of Transportation of Kirchnerism, was also sentenced for the purchase of junk trains for which Julio De Vido was sentenced: he received 8 years in prison. And the former Secretary of Public Works was sentenced, Jose Lopezwho received a 6-year prison sentence in 2019 for illicit enrichment, although he has been out on bail for some time.

He is remembered for having entered a convent at dawn with 9 million dollars in bags and a carbine, in 2016, shortly after Cristina Kirchner left the presidency.

The former Secretary of Environment of Néstor Kirchner, Romina Picolotiwas sentenced: 3 years in prison on hold plus the return of 7 million pesos for defrauding the State and using public funds for personal expenses.

After the resignation of Ricardo Jaime, John Paul Schiavi He took charge of the Secretary of Transportation. And like his predecessor, he was sentenced to five years and six months in prison for fraudulent administration and aggravated culpable damage as a result, also for the Tragedy of Eleven. He is currently on probation.

Finally, and although she was not a public official of Kirchnerism, the leader of the group Tupac Amaru, Miracle Roomreceived 13 years in prison for diverting 60 million pesos for the construction of social housing AND Lazaro Baezwas sentenced to twelve years in prison for laundering 55 million dollars and is also one of those convicted in the Cause Roadwhere he was assigned 6 years in prison.

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