Iltalehti’s traditional sports quiz is also online. How many do you know?

    1) Who leads this season’s goal exchange in the SM league?

    2) Which two countries won the first four soccer world championships?

    3) Which country is the reigning women’s soccer world champion?

    4) Ivona Dadic, representing Austria, is the EC medalist in which athletics sport?

    5) From which club did Kristian Vesalainen move to HIFK this month?

    6) Who scored two goals in the 1998 World Cup final?

    7) Chris Evert is a legend of which sport?

    8) Which of the Czech players has collected the most power points in the NHL this season?

    9) Which rally driver has won the world championship with Fiat and Opel?

    10) Bruno Ahlberg was the first Finnish Olympic medalist in which sport?

    Kristian Vesalainen HIFK / Riku Laukkanen


    1) Joona Ikonen, Ilves (15)

    2) Uruguay (1930 and 1950) and Italy (1934 and 1938)

    3) United States

    4) Heptathlon

    5) Malmö Redhawks

    6) Zinedine Zidane (France–Brazil 3–0)

    7) Tennis

    8) David Pastrnak, Boston

    9) Walter Röhrl (1980 and -82)

    10) Boxing (bronze 1932)