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    Always this Labbadia Gebashe from uninformed regulars.

    Labbadia has done a good job at most of its stations. And you shouldn’t forget that he has taken on clubs that weren’t a bed of roses, either in terms of player material or environment.
    I’ve always wished for him to have a club that he didn’t have to pull out of the loop first, so that he could show what he’s really made of.
    Anyone who puts Labbadia in a drawer with Korkut or Frontzeck simply has no idea.

    With Leverkusen and his first term at HSV, he definitely had teams that he certainly didn’t have to pull out of the Sch.. first. But teams from the extended top group of the league. Both times he has disappointed.

    In his first tenure at VfB he certainly had to pull the team out of the loop, but he was there for more than two and a half years. At a club that was certainly still financially in the better half of the league at the time. There were worse starting positions in the league.
    But he has hardly developed a player and dragged the whole club down with his constant boasting that you always have to know where you come from. OK, he reached the cup final, but the opponents along the way were Falkensee-Finkenkrug, Pauli, Cologne, Bochum, Freiburg. With all due respect, VfB could hardly complain about bad luck.
    With the 9th/6th/7th most valuable squad after TM he finished 12th, 6th and 12th. With the 7th most valuable squad after TM, he has been released. Sure, you can’t superimpose them 1:1, but it shows that he came as a fireman, but by no means only had to work with grits all the time. He didn’t exactly overperform.

    And with the financial effort that VFL Wolfsburg is running after staying up in the league in the following season, being 6th is now more just OK than a glorious leaf.

    Especially there, where it was no longer a question of getting something out of the loop, he just didn’t do a good job.