Where they are: a tour of the new Buenos Aires murals

In the Abasto neighborhood and framed in the AkzoNobel Global “Come to Color” Programfive new murals were unveiled as a result of a fusion of different artists and Alba Paintings, with the participation of CC Konex, and “the firm belief that art and color add value and improve people’s lives.” The new artists summoned in this new proposal are: Anne Gabillot, Mabel Vicentef, Dana Alessi, Mart Aire and Federico Minuchin and the works can be found at Valentín Gómez 3132, Valentín Gómez 3136, Sarmiento 3140, Jean Jaures 387 and Jean Jaures 331.

According to those responsible for the project, the chosen theme is a creative exploration that fuses the organic, vegetal and geometric, transforming them into captivating abstract expressions. The murals occupy spaces of approximately 6×3 meters, mainly on walls, but they also extend to some metal curtains.

In recent months, various artistic creations have been developed in different parts of the city of Buenos Aires, based on painting, in different public spaces. “From AkzoNobel, within the framework of our global program Come to Color“We bring life with our colors to cities around the world, and Abasto is no exception,” he highlighted. Fernando Domingues, General Director of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints for Cono Sur. And he added “These murals add to the one already made with Mabel Vicentef in Konex, and the more than 600 linear meters in the largest floor art work in Buenos Aires, and the 1500 m2 of murals created by a collective of talented women artists in Abasto Cultural Neighborhoodcarried out with neighborhood collaboration and together with Alba Paintings”.


A couple of years ago, the artist Silvia Dotta carried out a mural on the wall of the COTO supermarket in Guardia Vieja and Agüero. For its part, Isol Misenta worked on the façade of the School No. 6 Gral. Martín Rodríguez, located in Anchorena between Valentín Gómez and Av. Corrientes. BesidesMaría Luque, with Delia Cancelacarried out two works located in the VITAL supermarket facade by Agüero and Sarmiento. All within the framework of the same program “I came to color” by AkzoNobel.


“From AkzoNobel, Within the framework of our global program “Come to Color”, we want to promote these initiatives that contribute to the history of a neighborhood with a past, present and future. Giving life with the colors of Alba to the largest floor mural in the City, which in turn is a tribute to the Buenos Aires steak as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, shows us the transformative power of painting in the spirit and identity of people”, declared, at the time, the director of Decorative Paints at AkzoNobel.


But the union between Alba Pinturas and the Abasto neighborhood is not the only case of a company with a commitment to art and culture. A few weeks ago, it was announced that Centennial Park Amphitheater will be renewed based on an agreement reached between the renowned appliance brand Peabody and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

Murals from the Abasto neighborhood

This alliance is framed in the Buenos Aires Sponsorship Law and its objective is to benefit residents and the general public, being one of the most prestigious public spaces in the city, linked to music and the performing arts. The comprehensive development and revitalization of the “Anfi”, located in the Caballito neighborhood, includes a contribution of $20,000,000, which includes improvements in the technical and aesthetic conditions of this space that already has 70 years of experience.

“With this sponsorship, we reaffirm once again our mission as a brand, which goes beyond excellence in products, we also seek to actively contribute to the cultural enrichment of Argentine society,” he stated. Dante Choi President of Goldmund SAbrand reference Peabody, which celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Among the company’s various contributions, equipment will be incorporated for internal telecommunications in the areas, equipment will be added to improve the sound of the shows and lighting will be added to the stage to improve the quality of the shows, among other building improvements.

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