Where is Prince William’s wedding ring? The answer is nowhere

Princess Catherine’s left ring finger is decorated with a spectacular ring. Prince William has decided otherwise.

Prince William is not a fan of jewelry. PDO

Prince William and Princess Catherine married in 2011, but the most keen-eyed royal fans have noticed that there is no ring on William’s finger. Why?

In fact, the fact that William is not going to wear the ring was already reported before the royal wedding. William’s left ring finger wasn’t even put on a ring at the wedding ceremony.

According to sources, it’s about William’s preferences: he’s definitely not a fan of jewelry.

It is different for his brother, Prince Harry. Harry has been actively wearing the ring since marrying his partner, Duchess Meghan.

William’s spouse, Catherine, has a sapphire ring that almost invariably sparkles on her finger.

William doesn’t like the wedding ring because he doesn’t have one. PDO

Prince William returned to work on Wednesday. William was supposed to devote his time to his family and therefore canceled his work duties. William’s spouse, Princess Catherine, is currently recovering from abdominal surgery. Catherine had surgery in January.

It was reported from the court on Monday that King Charles is suffering from cancer. Charles was recently treated in the hospital for an enlarged prostate.

According to The Standard, William will take over some of Charles’ duties while the monarch is on sick leave.

Source: Mirror