When is Elon Musk coming to Argentina: his agenda

The owner of SpaceX and Tesla will arrive in March Buenos Aires. The South African billionaire was invited to conduct a masterclass on digital technology at the event “TECH Leaders”. Furthermore, on their social networks, Elon Musk He expressed his interest in visiting the province of Salta, where he plans to invest in lithium exploration with the possibility of installing a “mega factory.”

The owner of the social network is especially interested in lithium, due to its use as a source of energy for electric vehicles manufactured by Tesla. It is estimated that, for this reason, he established direct contacts, both public and private, with the president. Javier Milei, even before his victory in the 2023 presidential election.

Considered by Forbes magazine as the most powerful man and millionaire in the world, Musk’s bond with the Argentine president deepened as the months went by. It is even confirmed that starlink, The magnate’s satellite internet services company will arrive during the second half of 2024 and promises to revolutionize digital communication in the country.

In one of his first speeches as president, Milei presented his Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU), which he himself titled “Bases for the reconstruction of the Argentine economy”, announcing the release of satellite internet services that “allow the entry of companies such as starlink” to the country. An anecdotal case of a government mentioning only a foreign private company in the justification of a presidential measure.


Starlink has already been operational for some years in much of South America. The last country in which it landed a few weeks ago was Paraguay. The tech entrepreneur himself, on his X account, published: “Starlink now available in Paraguay!”, making it clear that the entire Guarani territory was enabled to connect to high-speed, low-latency Internet from space. The company provides connection speeds of between 150 and 500 megabits per second. In addition, it has an optimal signal from any point in the territory, no matter how inhospitable it may be.

In the United States, Starlink’s basic service has a one-time cost of $599 for antenna installation and a monthly subscription of $120. However, it is estimated that its costs in Argentina would be much lower, differentiating it from Brazil, where $58 plus $612 for installation is paid monthly, or Chile, where the monthly value is $57 and $570 for installation.

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