What was André van Duin blackmailed with? ‘I’m not going to say’

The blackmail case around André van Duin has been closed. The person who dirt wanted to spread about him has been caught and has apologized. But what exactly did he threaten?


André van Duin announced at the beginning of February that he was being blackmailed and reported it. He indicated that these were lies that might be spread in the media. The blackmailer has now been caught and has apologized. The Public Prosecution Service will therefore not prosecute that person, although there is a probationary period of two years.

‘Don’t stir things’

There is mainly relief in the Van Duin house. “I am happy and relieved. It does feel good. It’s an annoying thing, so I’m glad it’s resolved, fine. Of course you are worried, but you have to hand that over to the lawyer and that ended well. I’m glad about that,” the comedian responds Radio 538.

According to André, there is real regret. “Yes, yes, sure. Endless apologies. But yes, I don’t want to say much more about it, because I’m glad it’s been resolved this way, so you shouldn’t sit and stir in such a case. I like it that way. I’m actually done with it, so to speak.”

Immediate action

It was good to take immediate action, André looks back. “That’s the best, isn’t it? The first blow is worth a thaler, they always say. You must do it right away. You never know these days. You have to be very careful, so I immediately put a lawyer on it and luckily he straightened it all out.”

Was it his own idea to come out right away? “Yes, sure, immediately yes. I did discuss it with Joop, of course, because I always discuss everything with Joop. He also thought it was a good idea. We immediately called in Knoops and he handled it all.”

Blackmailed with what?

The big question is: what was André blackmailed with? He doesn’t want to say that. “I’m a little careful with my answers, because you say too much and then it ends up in all kinds of channels and then it is explained differently again.”

Host Frank Dane laughing: “Yes, but of course we hope so, André. haha. ‘He just said something crazy on 538!’”

André: “Yes, but it’s not so much you, but the whole world is listening in and everything you say I read back within five minutes on all kinds of channels in other forms, so you shouldn’t have that.”

‘No no no no’

In what form did the blackmailer apologize? “They came to Knoops and not to me.”

Has André had a conversation with the blackmailer? “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.”

And finally, Frank wonders: is André blackmailable at all? “Hahaha. Apparently not. Fortunately not. No no no.”

For juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer it is a somewhat unsatisfactory end. “Is it just me? Now I actually still want to know what the suspect André van Duin was trying to blackmail with. ?.”