What they said: Victoria Villarruel versus Jorge Rial

President Javier Milei I reply to a message to a fake account Axel Kicillof. At that time, the user of the governor’s unofficial X account questioned the president’s economic background. The head of the Executive Branch responded to the attack by addressing the Kirchner politician, but then, verifying that it was a false account, he decided to attack the Buenos Aires native. “The truth is that, strictly speaking, what was said in the fake account is nonsense that the real one could have said without a doubt,” the libertarian leader defended himself.

A similar episode occurred hours ago. The user @vickyviIlarruel, an account that calls itself “fan” of the vice president, posted “Approve the Bases Now law or you will be remembered as those who stood on the wrong side of history in order to take care of their privileges. They no longer have excuses, the entire tax chapter has been eliminated.” In the message, the image of various legislators from the lower house was attached, such as Miguel Ángel Pichetto, Nicolás Massot, among others.

Rial in X

The television journalist Jorge Rial He immediately spread the post, on his personal X account, attributing it to the vice president “Threatening people. Like since 1976.” Of course, the Villarruel fan account did not take long to respond: “Take away Grandpa’s Twitter”.

Villarruel in X

Finally, the same Victoria Villarruel He joined the fray by writing a brief message on his official account. Accompanied by a photograph in which the head of the Senate can be seen drinking a mate with the inscription “Left-handed tears” (added digitally), Javier Milei’s vice responded: “Hello. It is not my account. I continued participating”.

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