What Polenta is like: the Argentine party that went international

“The Polenta was born in February 2019, in Matienzo, when Maru La Pol4ca He invited me at that time to play with my band. “La Polenta proposes an electronic party experience: lights, screens, lasers and unique visuals designed for the party, but what sounds is all reggaeton and pop,” he explained. Nacho Elizaldeone of the organizers of the Polenta Party With Maru Frohmann .

In the midst of the success of their summer season, on the tour of Mar del Plata and Pinamar; was added Punta del Este, Carlos Paz and Cosquín Rock. In addition, the unique combination of the musical event conquered new cities and countries, the next party will take place for the first time in Miami on February 24.

“It’s a technological experience, that’s why we focus on making sure that when people come they really think ‘wow, that’s crazy.’ Each setting is different, we plan a different one for each party and it is a surprise effect that people don’t know what they are going to find,” explained Elizalde.

The chosen location, in the US spa town, is The otherthe iconic space in Wynwood Arts District. Its creators assure that “it is a party with Latin sounds, but with an identity that refers to Berlin.” Among the curiosities proposed by the meeting there is a show with dancers, T-shirt throwing and the distribution of churros with dulce de leche at 4.20 AM.

Polenta Party

This event that brings together the best on a technical and visual level of an electronic party, but with the highest level of urban and pop music, had a dizzying increase and great expansion during 2023 internationally, reaching unexpected places such as Europe, Tel Aviv in Israel and strengthening itself in Uruguay, which is now like its second home.

“Polenta has a purpose and that is to bring light to the night. The night can be hostile and dark, therefore, hence the mission to bring some light through angels and a crew of friends who make you feel at home. Polenta is a safe and friendly environment,” the organizers highlighted.

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