What on earth? The difference between Hartwall’s novelty tentacle and the old flavor is only three letters

We macerated your test to see what the differences are between two almost identical tentacles.

The gin & lemonade tent, which is poised to be a pineapple tentacle-sized hit for this summer, differs by just a few letters from Hartwall’s old tentacle flavor gin & lemon, which has been sold for years.

The cans also look unmistakably similar, and in fact, with the bright yellow lemon tentacle, you have to be careful not to confuse it with the also yellow pineapple tentacle can.

Is there any difference between two citrus tentacles representing the same flavor world? Watch the jury’s verdict in the video.

The novelty flavor gin & lemonade distinguishes it from the greener can. Jani Koivukangas

Our jury found differences in two similar flavors, but if both drinks were tasted side by side, the flavors mixed easily in the mouth. The color was also slightly lighter in gin & lemon.

The people of Raati rated gin & lemon as the better of the two tentacles, somewhat surprisingly. In other words, the old flavor outperformed the new flavor, which received better grades than pineapple tentacles in Hartwall’s consumer tests.

Gin & Lemon was described as having a more authentic taste.

– This tastes like someone has just made a cocktail here – failed a little.

– This number one (gin & lemon) definitely wins for me. This grapefruit has an authentic taste to me.

The Lemon tentacle is being discontinued

Category Marketing Director responsible for Hartwall’s tentacles Heidi Rantala says by email that the new lemonade tent has been combined for the first time with three different flavors, which makes it clearly fresher compared to the lemon tent. The novelty has lemon, lime and yuzu fruit.

– When testing the lemonade tentacle with consumers and we used the lemon tentacle as a comparison. Lemon was clearly considered more bitter than lemonade, while lemonade was praised for its freshness. Overall, lemonade was clearly more liked than lemon tentacle, says Rantala.

The result is the opposite of the blind test organized by Iltalehti.

Rantala admits that the gin & lemon, sold since 2017, also has a risk of confusion with the popular pineapple tentacle because of the similar can.

Gin & lemon won’t confuse consumers for long, however, because Rantala says the product will be removed from the selection during the spring.

Fresh citrus flavors are very popular at the moment. You can also see it when looking at Hartwall’s tentacle flavors.

– Citrus flavors have been requested. Fresh citrus flavors also go well with real gin. However, none of the Original Long Drink flavor variants are ever the same, but our product development always creates a unique taste, where different taste worlds emerge, Rantala sums up.

The new lemonade tentacle will go on sale in stores on March 12. from

There are not too many differences between the two tentacles in terms of ingredients either. Jani Koivukangas