What on earth? Now a surprising body part is revealed

First they were revealed wearing nightgowns, now we get a glimpse of a surprising part of the body.

Izabel Goulart All Over Press

The clothing choices of the party guests at the Cannes Film Festival once again serve up festive evening wear. The stars are at their best in the limelight on the red carpet in the South of France.

First, the leg was trimmed with thigh-high slits, then the side and stomach were cut out. Now we want to focus on his sternum.

See the pictures:

We want to show the chest now. This sexy, fire engine red evening dress also reveals the entire stomach. Pictured is Lori Harvey. All Over Press

The trendiest choice of all is now a keyhole dress. Pictured is Izabel Goulart. All Over Press

Exuding the Hollywood glamor of yesteryear, the crystal-decorated velvet and taffeta evening dress is immediately a step more modern when the keyhole detail adorns the manhood. Pictured is Olivia Culpo. All Over Press

The deep ribbed neckline not only reveals the cleavage but also the cleavage and cleavage. Pictured is Elsa Zylberstein. All Over Press

The eye is forced to thank the cleavage area and the narrow band in the crystal-decorated, black satin evening dress. Pictured is Stella Maxwell. All Over Press

Julia Garner All Over Press

The black and green evening dress has many eye-catching details. Pictured is Neelam Gill. All Over Press

Many stars have fallen in love with the seductive hooded dress. This dress plays with contrasts. On the one hand, the hood is a covering detail, while at the same time, the deep ribbed neckline is sexy. Nabilla Benatti is pictured. All Over Press

Stella Maxwell All Over Press

Irina Shayk All Over Press