What is the tourist circuit dedicated to Fito Páez like?

“Fito left to come back. He himself says ‘sometimes fleeing is a way out, but we never leave our small homeland’, a statement from one of the musicians who made us and makes us dance, move, laugh and who always put a magnifying glass on the poetry of our city to show it to the world, returning with love the pride of being from Rosario,” declared the Rosario Tourist Entity (ETUR).

The Rosario municipality launched a tourist circuit that tours the emblematic places of the life of the musician, singer, composer and film director born in 1963 in the port city. The tour tells the personal story of the author of “City of Poor Hearts offering ten sites to visit.

The neighborhood of his childhood, his school, the club of his loves, his first musical steps, are some of the passages that the visitor will visualize about the musician, one of the main rock references of the 80s and early 90s. The transit through the various points will end with an imposing mural that honors him.

In total, the circuit proposes visiting the sites that recover different moments in the life of the Rosario musician, from his birthplace, through his primary school and high school, where he took his first steps with the piano, to his secondary school and clubs where began to be noticed, sources indicated.

Fito Paez

The proposal includes the possibility of accessing a narrative audio guide that is accessed through the “Rosario Turismo” telephone application. Also, review the cultural spaces where Fito Páez began to dazzle with his music in tow, such as the Sala Lavardén, the El Círculo theater and the Fundación Astengo theaterwhich are, in themselves, a valuable historical heritage of the city

Within the app you can see archive images that illustrate each stage of Fito Páez in the city, and interviews with people who were part of the musician’s life. Of course, he is not the only illustrious Rosario personality to be highlighted by the Tourist Entity. There are two other interactive circuits that honor two football champions born in the city, who are recognized throughout the world: the Messi Circuit and the Di María Circuit.

Fito Paez

Considered one of the most important living artists of the genre rlatin american ock, Fito Páez in international recognition. This year he had his recent nomination in the Best Alternative Album category for “EADDA9223”, the album of covers of his classic “The love after Love”, on the 66th. edition of the Grammy awards. Also the miniseries “Love After Love”, based on his latest autobiographical book, stood out this year as one of the most viewed content on the Netflix platform.

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