• A study published in the ‘Clinical Kidney Journal’ points to hyponatremia as the cause of the actor’s death

    On July 20, 1973, after suffering several episodes with severe headaches, Bruce Leestar of martial arts, passed away leaving several doubts regarding the death cause.

    The autopsy revealed that the 32-year-old actor lost his life due to an allergic reaction to certain medications which caused, among other things, a swelling in the brain.

    However, now, almost 50 years later, a new theory appears that suggests that the cause of death of bruce lee It would have been produced by an “excess water & rdquor; in your organism.

    It is a scientific publication in the journal Clinical Kidney Journalwhere the authors presented a sequence of documented facts that would prove that the cerebral edema that occurred in his body would have been caused by a hyponatremia.

    ‘Who killed Bruce Lee? The Hyponatremia Hypothesisis the title of the new investigation that relates his death to the consumption of liquids and the impossibility to remove them from your body.

    “The actor had multiple risk factors for hyponatremia that could have included a high chronic fluid intake & rdquor ;, secure the document.

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    In addition, it mentions that some medications, along with marijuana use and excessive alcohol intake, added to some history of kidney damage, are factors “that reduce the capacity of the kidneys to excrete water by promoting secretion antidiuretic hormone & rdquor ;.

    In summary, Bruce Lee reportedly died of kidney failureand not due to a hypersensitivity to the analgesic Equagesic as stated in a first medical report, which to this date, is disputed.