What is and how do you apply for the new 15-day work permit for mental health?

09/25/2023 at 16:34


This is a 2-week permit for companions of people at risk of taking their own lives.

Work permit of up to 15 days for companions of people who are at risk of taking their own livesalso known as work permit for mental health, was unanimously approved in the Congress of Deputies in March 2023 after a Non-Law Proposal for More Country.

Suicide is one of the main causes of death in Spain, being the first unnatural death in our country with more than 4,000 deaths per year (an average of 10/11 people per day). With this permit, the aim is to reduce the number through a social shield that protects the victim and her surroundings.

With the aim of providing responses to situations of extreme seriousness and “imminent risk”, People with suicidal ideation may be accompanied for a maximum of two weeks.

How and who can apply for this mental health work permit

In force since May 16, 2023, this permit can be requested by companions of people who are at risk of suicide. It will be granted by the health professional (doctor or psychologist) who cares for the high-risk situation, and It is requested by the person who is in a situation of suicide to be cared for and accompanied in periods of maximum 15 days.

The permission is granted to the caregiver designated by the patient himself and does not imply the loss of salary for those days.