Heleen van Royen gets quite a bit of resistance from Yvonne Coldeweijer, who she hates so much. “I thought she was a cool, free person or something, but she looked really sour. I was really amazed.”

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    Writer Heleen van Royen surprises friend and foe with her attack on Yvonne Coldeweijer. The woman who threw the Amsterdam alderman Rob Oudkerk in front of the bus by revealing that he visited prostitutes, now suddenly shouts that she thinks it is going too far for Yvonne to call her enemy Rachel Hazes a ‘cremated croquette’.

    Helen’s face

    Rob Goossens thinks it’s a bit hypocritical and Yvonne fully agrees. She thinks Heleen is very faint, calls the juice queen in her Juice Show. But: “First of all, Helen: what happened to your face? What happened to her face?! Wow!”

    Co-host Mark Koster: “I advise you not to call a chip brand with an adjective, because before you know it you will be standing in front of the fence.”

    Yvonne jokingly: “I won’t say she looks like a noodle slice.”

    Guilty pleasure

    Yvonne points out that Heleen proclaimed in the Beau Monde more than a year ago that the Life of Yvonne juice channel is her favorite guilty pleasure is. “I find that so funny. Well, apparently her opinion is reversed. She hates me now and she says I’m just teasing and teasing Rachel.”

    That’s just not true, says Yvonne. “A little maybe, but not all. Maybe if she asked. But I don’t do that, I think.”

    New Rachel bestie

    Yvonne is surprised that Heleen is suddenly acting so politically correct. “Heleen van Royen has now been bombed into Rachel’s new girlfriend. Before this she has never stood up for Rachel and suddenly they are besties, probably because Rachel has no one else anymore. (…) We just can’t take Heleen’s opinion too seriously.”

    Mark also thinks Heleen is a bit hypocritical. “This woman is clickbait. She has been completely naked on her book.”

    Yvonne: “For attention, huh? For attention!”


    The image that Yvonne had of Heleen has completely tilted. “She actually comes across as kind of a cool person who is no slouch. That’s how she comes across. She’s a rebel. It didn’t surprise me that she’d said, “I think Yvonne is funny.” I thought she was a cool, free person or something, but she looked really sour. I was really amazed.”

    Mark: “Yeah, she looked really mean. If you are a member of the SGP and work for a Christian newspaper, great! From that mouth I also think it’s totally fine, but from her mouth I thought it was less.

    Yvonne: “I thought: huh, are you trying to get into Rachel’s hole? Helen, you don’t matter!”